Octanis is a non-profit association based in Switzerland. Anyone can become a member of the association and no skills, titles or seniority are required.

As a member you can use our tools, participate in projects and have your voice heard at the general assembly. The general assembly is a regular meeting where all members can get together and vote on topics and general decisions concerning the association.

We meet every Tuesday night at 18:30h. Doors are open until 22h.



Membership costs 50 CHF / year * and gives you access to our tools, a vote at the general assembly and the right to participate in projects. If you have an idea, we can help you make it. We guide and coach you to success. We also go on excursions, hiking or camping when the weather is nice out ;).

Companies interested in our facilities or professional engineering support are invited to contact Octanis Instruments, our sister organisation, for an individual quote.

* this is where that money goes.


Our association would not exist without our sponsor’s generous donations. They permit us to pursue projects, pay rent and support our members.

Gold Sponsors





The committee is elected at the general assembly and runs the associations organisational errands. Active members wanting to be part of the committee can pick a role to hold and gain valuable work experience. The committee holds weekly meetings and is organised holocratically.

Raffael Tschui, Electronics, Vice President

Raffael Tschui, Electronics,
Vice President

Quentin Cabrol, Accounts

Sam Sulaimanov, Digital Fabrication, President

Sam Sulaimanov, Digital Fabrication, President

Franziska Meinherz, Sustainability

Franziska Meinherz, Sustainability