Maker’s Paradise

We own and maintain rapid prototyping tools and measurement instruments for electronics. There is a well equipped and ventilated hand soldering & rework station and a reflow oven for small batch production. Enclosures, cases and other products can be 3d printed, laser cut, CNC milled, sewn or hand crafted just like back in kindergarden.

Naturally we offer courses for all ages and skill levels.



+41 (0)21 508 26 69

Octanis Association
Route de Crochy 20
1024 Ecublens

Open Nights
Every Tuesday, 18h30 - 22h

Opening hours

Tuesdays 9 - 12h
Wednesdays 9 - 18h
Thursdays 9 - 12h
Fridays 13 - 17h


Price List

50 CHF / year
(40 CHF / d commercial)
(What does this pay for?)

24/7 Access Card
40 CHF

Private Bench

3D printing
1 CHF / h
(10 CHF / h commercial user)
30 CHF / kg material

Laser cutting
16 CHF / h
(50 CHF / h commercial user)

(Size: 650x450mm)

CNC milling
1 CHF / h + tool
(50 CHF / h commercial user)

Soldering + Measurment
(50 CHF / h commercial user)


Limited stock of MDF and Plywood available on site. Make sure to bring your own if you want to be sure. We buy our stuff here:

50 Fr / three hours

Report Tool Usage

Did you use a tool? Report your time.

After becoming a member and attending a training session you can use the atelier by yourself. You can use all tools and materials up to a total of 50 CHF / year for free.

There is an additional service fee (34 CHF / h) for commercial support or if you prefer us to do some machine work for you. Octanis tool masters can also design and make a part for you.

These rates are not intended for Octanis Instruments customers or employees. The information listed here can change at any time without notice.