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Talk: High-Speed PCB Design (with guest speaker from maxon motor ag)

  • Octanis Microverse Route de Crochy 20 1024 Ecublens Switzerland (map)
Image: CC BY  Dave Jones  from the EEVBlog

Image: CC BY Dave Jones from the EEVBlog

PCB Layout is an art for itself. Only years of experience will teach you all the small tricks and things to remember to get your electronics board working correctly. Many applications will work even with poor layout design, but when there are more high-speed signals on your PCB, suddenly dozens of criteria will make or break your circuit. Trace lenghts, parasitic capacitance, crosstalk, ground paths - just to name a few.

For this talk, we have the pleasure to host someone with many years of experience in this field!

Invited speaker: Max Erick Busse-Grawitz, Technology Transfer Manager at maxon motor.

He will share the most common pitfalls and things to pay attention to, as soon as you go beyond some simple I2C communication. This is for great interest to anyone who has basic PCB design knowledge and wants to go further.

The talk is followed by a Q&A session with Apéro where you can ask more specific questions.

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