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PEE222: Writing and Debugging Firmware for Microcontrollers and Peripherals

  • Octanis Microverse Route de Crochy 20 Ecublens Switzerland (map)
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In this workshop, you will learn to go beyond simple Arduino applications. We will teach you the basic set of skills to develop complex embedded systems with a lot of practical examples and hands-on training.

Some C programming knowledge required.

Learning Objectives:

- Use hardware interrupts to react to external signals
- Interpret the information in a microcontroller datasheet to understand its core functionality
- Modify register values to configure peripherals of the microcontroller
- Use timers to program periodic events or to measure time intervals
- Establish a communication link with external sensors or modules via a serial protocol


Beat Geissmann from Rovenso & Octanis Instruments
MSc. EPFL Microengineering, Roboticist

35 CHF/participant. Free for Octanis Members.


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