How we pay for everything.

The most frequently asked question may not be what you expect: How we pay for everything we do and own. Why the membership fee is 50 CHF / year and what it pays for.

Below you can see the breakdown of our income and expenses last year. Membership fees only make up 6% of our income.


This means that we are extremely reliant on our most active members to pay or generate more than 50 CHF / year. Either by actively adding more when paying the membership bill, by renting a project bench, by helping us buy tools or paying for e.g. the internet.

Some members also commit to providing paid workshops to the public. All the proceeds go to the associations bank account. This helps our association a lot and allows us to maintain a stock of parts and keep machines alive.

Then there are members who work on projects that we believe in (like Nestbox) that are mandated to us by non-profit institutions. These projects receive a symbolic payment. It is important for us to note that we make a strict separation between commercial and non-profit entities.

And last but not least the donations coming from our generous sponsors, who support us ideologically - because we align with their values and we deliver results.