Spending two hours trying to figure out what Octanis is

Today we had a board meeting to define our strategy for the next six months. To do that we reflected on who we are, what we do and where we come from. Curious? Some best ofs from the timeline we co-created:

  • Winter 2016: Inventing the Rack to get into EPFL.

  • Summer 2017: Getting the Rover back from the glaciologists in Grenoble, but then never really evaluate the data or the project.

  • Winter 2017: Starting to offer workshops and have a continuously expanding offer since.

  • 2017: Starting collaboration with Unipoly for Repair Cafes.

  • Spring 2018 - today: Setting up a new workshop in Ecublens to build up the kind of creative environment that we tried and failed to create at EPFL.

  • Summer 2018: Setting a four meter high radio antenna in the mountains to listen to a Peruvian guy yelling “Radio America“ over and over again.

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