Scanning Electron Microscope Repair

We found an electron microscope on an auction website and contacted the owner who subsequently donated it to us on one condition: we have to repair it! It took us almost a year but we actually fixed it and are now looking at different bits and bobs.


Octanis Racks: A Mobile Makerspace

Before we had a large atelier space we were confined to just a few square meters. We had to come up with a way to store our instruments and tools. The solution: A vending machine like construction with electronically locking doors and a smartphone adapted website to identify users.

Come to our Atelier and try it out for yourself

Smart Nestboxes

This a mission to equip Switzerland’s owl nestboxes with an electronic addon. The device enables owl identification and weight logging during 365 days per year.



Octanis 1 was a mission to make a reusable, autonomous, solar powered and open source rover for outdoors. Constellation Rover was operative in Antarctica from Nov '16 to Jan '17.